Registration related specifications and precautions​

Please read the following regulations and precautions for CU01 registration in detail. These regulations are to allow stall owners and visitors to have a better experience of participating in the exhibition, and to continue to launch better theme activities in the future. Please register The booth owner cooperates. If you have signed up, it is deemed to agree and cooperate with the relevant exhibition regulations and precautions of CU01 exhibition.

The first CosplayUniverse role-playing event (hereinafter referred to as CU01) has set an age limit (registration and entry are only allowed after reaching the age of 18). However, in order to operate for the long term and provide better services, environment, and role-playing development platform, the host official will establish large-scale (adult) and general scale related regulations. We hope that all vendors will cooperate in implementing them to avoid those who are interested in reporting and breaking the law.
 1、 Clothing and behaviors prohibited from appearing in the exhibition hall.

  1. It is strictly prohibited to expose dew points, and at the minimum, it should be protected with chest patches and opaque tape.
  2. Whether renting compartments or private rooms for interaction, photography, small games, etc., it is not allowed to engage in direct or indirect sexual activity or expose the three points.
  3. For large-scale clothing vendors who engage in photography, interaction, small games, and other activities, they will not be able to do so in public (with more than three people) and will need to use compartments or private rooms. However, our booth assistants and other vendors can assist in the compartments or private rooms at the same time.
  4. Paid interactive projects are not allowed to engage in dew points, sexual activities (including organ contact, etc.), or sexual transactions in public places, compartments, or private rooms.

 2、 Large scale (adult) and general scale clothing standards
 All clothing worn by the stall owner that meets the requirements of using breast patches or any material for concealment, such as ultra small bikinis, thongs, ultra high slit clothing, exposed groins, exposed chest area exceeding 2/3, and exposed buttocks exceeding 2/3, are classified as large scale (adults). Clothing that does not meet the above requirements is classified as general scale, as shown in the following figure.

3、 Relevant norms for interaction between clothing and fees
 If the stall owner needs to engage in paid interaction with fans (such as interaction, photography, mini games, etc.), they must comply with the clothing standards before engaging in interaction. If they do not comply, the on-site tour personnel of the organizer will advise them. We kindly request the stall owner’s cooperation.

  • When the stall owner wears clothing classified as large-scale (adult), charging interactions cannot be conducted in public places (more than three people), that is, both standard and enlarged (Style A and Style B) stalls are public places. If large-scale clothing is needed for interaction, Style C (including compartments and private rooms) needs to be rented for the booth

During this CU01 activity, the relevant specifications of the goods that the stall owner can sell and the charging interaction will be listed below. Before the launch, the stall owner must submit the goods to be sold and the charging interaction content before the specified date. In addition to the pre-examination of the content, the organizer will publish the selling/charging items of each stall to the stall owner page of the official website in advance, and provide some items that meet the supply requirements for the stall owner to use. Please cooperate with the stall owners.

I. Interactive norms for selling goods and charging.

 1. Products that can be sold to fans/customers.

  • Personal printed matter: photo albums, photos, acrylic products, etc.
  • Personal peripheral categories: clothing, accessories, small things, commodities, etc.
  • Personal digital works: photos, photos, movies, etc.
  • Role-playing costumes: clothes, wigs, accessories, etc.
  • Goods not classified above/approved by the host after application.
     * The stall owner may apply to the organizer for goods that are not classified as above.

2. Goods that are “not allowed” to be sold to fans/customers

  • Dangerous goods: chemicals, weapons, etc.
  • Private articles: original close-fitting clothes, saliva, body fluids, hair, etc.
  • Food and beverage: fresh, food and beverage brought in off-site, etc.
  • Piracy of goods that violate production/copyright without authorization: unauthorized propaganda, music, posters, etc.
  • Political/religious commodities: publicity or offense, etc.
  • goods are removed without the approval of the organizer or by the organizer.
     * Personal clothing (including underwear) can only be sold in the name of second-hand, not in the form of original/on-site returned clothing products.

3. Interactive content that can be charged to fans/customers.

  • Video recording: taking photos, videos, taking photos, etc.
  • Interactive categories: hugging, holding hands, clasping fingers, princess hugging, slapping, ear gouging, sitting on thighs, shoulder and neck massage, caring, body signature, etc.
  • Small games: guessing boxing, twisting eggs, lottery, double skipping, playing board games, etc.
  • Interactive projects beyond the above categories/approved by the host after application
    * The stall owner can apply to the organizer for interactive projects that do not fall into the above categories and wish to pay fees.

4. Interactive content that “cannot” charge fans/customers.

  • Interactive private parts: touching milk, touching sexual organs (including groin), facial cleanser, etc.
  • Interactive types involving sexual behavior/transaction: kissing, nudity, masturbation, oral sex, etc.
  • involving obscene interactions: licking, rubbing milk, etc.
  • charged interactive projects that have not been approved by the organizer or removed by the organizer.

II、 Precautions for interactive selling of goods and charging.

  • The clothing worn by the stall owner belongs to large-scale (adult) clothing, and can only engage in paid interaction in compartments and private rooms (only one person can be received, and small helpers can be present to assist). In public places (three or more people, non compartments or private rooms), only free interaction can be conducted to avoid intentional reporting and punishment.

  • The stall owner wears general standard clothing and can engage in charging interactions at standard or increased booths, but still needs to comply with the above standards and cannot engage in any behavior involving obscenity for charging interactions.

  • If the booth owner violates the above regulations or fails to improve after being reported by the organizer or customers, the organizer has the right to immediately suspend the booth owner’s participation and shall not refund all fees.

  • Due to the goodwill/malice of intentional individuals reporting, stall owners are kindly requested to cooperate with relevant regulations and supervise each other to facilitate the smooth performance of the exhibition.

  • If there are any outstanding matters, the organizer will update and remind relevant laws and regulations at any time.

During the CU-01 show, it will be carried out in the form of official unified sales coupons (CU coupons). The official unified sales of CU coupons is intended to facilitate sales statistics, official events, and fans/customers can purchase tickets on-site with cashless payment , and reduce the risk of cash theft from on-site customers/stall owners, the following are the relevant CU coupon sales specifications, please cooperate with the stall owners.

 * At present, the e-ticket scheme has not been fully finalized and integrated in e-commerce. It will be announced before the official ticket sales (10/1). If the upgrade is not completed before the official ticket sales, the organizer will maintain the paper-based mode. The following CU coupons and usage rules are not limited to e-tickets or paper-based tickets.
*If the stall owner chooses to charge by himself due to personal wishes, the official does not enforce it. Please report to the official through the customer service channel (LINE) in advance. However, the stall owner who charges by himself cannot participate in the activities held by the official CU coupons. Please be informed.

 I. denomination/usage of CU coupons.

  • The denomination of each Cu coupon is equivalent to NT$ 100 NTD.
  • The official will sell and use CU coupons (paper or electronic coupons) in an appropriate way.

II、The vendor sales pricing

1. When the stall owner interacts with goods and charges, the pricing shall be determined according to the expected number of sheets for each item and content.

  • Example: The stall owner Xixi takes photos for 30 seconds and uses 2 CU coupons.
  • Example: The stall owner Guagua used five CU coupons at a time.
  • Example: The stall owner Mao Mao Bunny Photo Album uses five CU coupons.

2. CUstomers don’t give change after using Cu coupons, and the vendor’s pricing is based on “Zhang”.

In order to promote the exhibition and role-playing industry smoothly and reduce the burden on stall owners, the organizer has launched the “CU Booth Subsidy Program”, which subsidizes booth expenses according to a fixed ratio. The subsidy costs will be absorbed by the organizer without affecting the income of stall owners.

*The following are based on the booth, and all the stall owners of the booth are combined.

I、Subsidy Conditions

  1. Accumulated corners of tickets for all consumers at the booth (explained on behalf)
  2. The accumulative scope and time are based on the entrance tickets covered by the booth during the CU 01 exhibition period

II、Subsidy amount and calculation method

  1. Amount of subsidy: 50 yuan can be deducted from the stall fee for each ticket truncation
  2. Upper limit of subsidy: 25% of the total rental cost of the booth at the time of registration is the upper limit of subsidy
  3. Calculation method:

a. Lora rented a booth of style B for three days. The total cost of the booth is 12,000 NTD. Based on the 25% subsidy limit, it can be deducted from the booth fee of 3,000 NTD at most.
b. Candy rented a booth of style F for three days. The total cost of the booth is 30,000 NTD. Based on the 25% subsidy limit, it can be deducted from the booth fee of 4,500 NTD at most.

III、Ways of subsidy
If time permits, the stall owner will sign for the refund on the day, and if there are a large number of people, it will be returned to the account designated by the stall owner after the event ends.

IV、Other matters
This subsidy program activity can be used cumulatively with other official activities.

During the exhibition, it is not allowed to engage in illegal activities such as sex trade and violation of sexual autonomy. It is not difficult to understand that sex trade is a legal term. In the process of trading, “sex” is the object of trading, which is the buying and selling behavior between prostitutes and sex workers. But in fact, in law, in addition to the traditional cognition of using money as a consideration and sexual behavior as a return, the concept of sex trade needs to be broader.

The laws and regulations related to sex trade are stipulated in the Criminal Law, the Regulations on the Prevention and Control of Sexual Exploitation of Children and Teenagers and the Law on the Maintenance of Social Order, each of which has different punishment scope and punishment degree, but the cognition of sex trade still adopts the same opinion. We can know from the provisions of the old “Regulations on the Prevention and Control of Sex Trade in Children and Teenagers” that sex trade has two key points:

I、There is consideration,

II、Sexual intercourse or indecency.

 “consideration” is not limited to money, but also includes offering other things in exchange; But it must be considered as the consideration of sexual intercourse between the parties. In other words, if you have sex with the clerk in the breakfast shop, you won’t make a sex deal just because you usually buy things from him and pay him.
 Sexual intercourse and indecency need to look at the definition of sexual intercourse in China’s criminal law and the definition of indecency explained by the chief justice of the court; In addition to the traditional sexual organ engagement, touching, or objectively satisfying sexual desire, it can all meet this definition. That is to say, no matter whether it is in the form of bathing massage or various new terms, as long as it conforms to “sexual intercourse and obscene behavior with value”, it will not jump out of this range.
 Special attention should be paid to the fact that sex transactions must be mutually agreed. If the parties fail to reach a consensus on having sex before sexual intercourse or lewdness occurs, sex transactions will not be established, and may turn into sexual harassment, sexual assault, etc.

 * obscene explanation
 Externally, according to the common ideas of ordinary people in society, it is considered that this behavior is enough to induce, satisfy and vent people’s sexual desire, which makes the victim feel disgust or fear, and uses other objects as a tool to vent his sexual desire, which has violated the victim’s sexual autonomy.

 * Interpretation of sexual harassment and sexual assault
 Acts related to sex and gender other than sexual assault (including sexual intercourse and indecency), and taking advantage of the victim’s inability to resist, and it is a short-lived touch. This kind of behavior only destroys the victim’s undisturbed state related to sex and gender, and does not necessarily aim at satisfying his sexual desire.

Source: Encyclopedia of Law https://www.legis-pedia.com/article/gender/175